The Dark Water Solution

Hammerhead FAQs

Applications / System Efficacy

In what kind of water does your system work?

Darkwater Vision technology can enhance visibility in many environments from dark water to dirty water. The limitations are highly dependent upon many factors. We encourage you to speak with us about your local water conditions, and to arrange a demo of our system in your local waters to see if it's right for you. Contact us for more information.

How far can Darkwater Vision technology see in zero visibility conditions?

Depending on the type of water, orientation and intensity of the lights, Darkwater Vision technology can see anywhere from 1-7 feet. In dark, stained water, visibility can be upwards of 5-7 feet; while in more turbid environments, visibility may only be 2-3 feet.

Are there any conditions through which Darkwater Vision technology will not see?

The visibility of our system is highly dependent on many factors. Typically infrared light will have trouble penetrating water with super-saturation and extremely high turbidity levels. Since terminology of water conditions can vary from person to person, we cannot definitively say the types of water in which it will or will not work. We highly recommend having a discussion with us and testing the system yourself to see if it works in your local water.

Does this technology cause "backscatter" from floating particulate?

Infrared light does not reflect off of suspended particulate in the same manner as white light. Therefore, the reflection of white light (otherwise known as "backscatter") is nonexistent with Darkwater Vision technology. Instead of being blinded by reflection, the diver can see the suspended particulate.

What makes this technology work?

Infrared light at a particular wavelength penetrates dark water more effectively than white light. Our proprietary camera system captures that infrared light and is able to display a crisp black and white image.

Product Info

Can the system record video?

Our systems have real-time topside viewing and recording capabilities using the Surface Monitoring System (add-on). Internal recording functionality is planned to be offered in a future enhanced version.

Are there plans to incorporate Darkwater Vision technology in ROV's?

Yes, we are working on a compatible system to allow ROV's to use Darkwater Vision technology. Please contact us if you are interested in ROV functionality.

Do the systems work on Kirby Morgan helmets?

Yes, the Lamprey Monocular system attaches to the Kirby Morgan and Gorski helmets via universal rail mounts.

Do the systems work on full-faced masks?

Yes, the Lamprey Monocular system attaches to the Kirby Morgan and Gorski helmets via universal rail mounts.

Do the systems work on standard half-faced masks?

Unfortunately, we do not have a method to mount our systems onto a half-faced mask. We encourage the use of full-faced masks due to the ability to distribute weight across the entire mask and face, which reduces the potential for mask flooding.

Pricing Info

How much does your system cost?

There are a number of different configurations of Darkwater Vision technology. Please contact us to get a quote on the system that will work best for you.

Are demo systems available?

Yes, we can arrange for a demo system to be available in the US. All international demonstrations are coordinated with our distributors who are located throughout the world. Please contact us for more information.

Are systems available to lease for short-term projects?

Leasing options are now available. Click here to see leasing options.