The Dark Water Solution

Darkwater Vision Team

Darkwater Vision was started in 2016 with the goal of improving safety and efficiency of underwater operations in zero visibility and low visibility conditions. DWV now has three products, all of which serve different purposes to the dive market. It is with great pleasure that the DWV family of products helps public safety, commercial, and military customers accomplish their tasks more efficiently, and most of all, more safely.

Tim Ratcliffe


Tim has over 30 years of experience with contract manufacturing across the globe. His career has largely been spent connecting international manufacturering resources with inventors, entrepreneurs, and OEM businesses to achieve their product visions. Tim is a certified diver and has 10 years of experience marketing and selling within the SCUBA industry.

Nick Ratcliffe

Co-Founder/Product Development & Operations

Nick has spent his career in the Defense industry, primarily in finance, product management, and operations. He has an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business and 5+ years of experience consulting within the SCUBA industry. Nick is also a certified diver.