The Zero Viz Solution

Hammerhead FAQs

How far can The Hammerhead see in zero vizibility conditions?

In stained water (tannic water, algae bloom, and contaminated water) 5-7 feet is an estimated range, however it is very much subject to the conditions. When working up close using the light diffuser, the range is 2-3 feet.

Are there any conditions through which UVAS technology will not see?

Our system works on wavelength penetration through water. Highly-saturated muddy water, fine silt, and organic matter, make it very difficult achieve a wavelength loop—the fineness, density, and saturation level of the matter in the water can make light penetration difficult.

Can the system see through floating particles in the water or does it get backscatter like normal LED/Halogen/HID lights?

Large floating particles of a measurable size (1 mm and larger) in the water allow our technology to "see around" this particulate. A good example of this is seen in the video which was taken in 1-inch visibility water with large floating organic particulate. Using a normal light, this condition would have resulted in extreme backscatter. In the video, however, you can clearly see the floating particles and the high resolution detail of the airplane.

In what types of water conditions does the UVAS technology work best?

Tannin-stained water, cloudy water, murky water, algae-stained water, and water with small floating particulate (backscatter conditions).

Can the system record video?

The first generation model is designed to assist users with completion of tasks and to aid in search and recovery. Future product introductions will include the ability to record what the diver is seeing for evidence testimony, condition verification, and education. Target date for models with recording functionality is Q4 2017.

Is there a tethered system with real-time topside viewing available?

The tethered system is in development now and is expected for Q3 2017 availability.

Can the system adapt to Kirby Morgan dive helmet products?

Yes, we have developed an accessory bracket that attaches much like the welding mask system that Kirby Morgan helmets currently employ. This accessory system for Kirby Morgan helmets is sold separately.

Will the Hammerhead work on the Rail systems used by OTS and AGA/Interspiro facemask users?

Yes, we have developed an accessory bracket that attaches to the rail systems available through both full face mask suppliers. This accessory bracket is sold separately.

Are there plans to incorporate UVAS technology on Remotely Operated Vehicles?

Yes, we are in negotiations with several of the major ROV manufacturers to allow them to use our technology with their camera systems.  Target date for this is end of 2017.

Are demo systems available to try the technology before purchase?

We can arrange for a demo system to be available in the USA. All international demonstrations are coordinated through our distributors, who are located throughout the globe. Please contact us for more information.