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"Your Equipment is revolutionary" - Craig Hannula, K9-2
Assistant Dive Team Commander, Hall County Sheriff Dive Team
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Darkwater Vision Applications

Divers will be able to see through dark, tannin-stained, and particulate-heavy waters in real time without having to displace water. The Darkwater Vision product line has user friendly and innovative solutions for divers who need to safely and effectively search or work in dark and turbid water conditions. Darkwater Vision systems easily affix to most popular full-face masks and commercial dive helmets. Some practical applications of Darkwater Vision technology include:

  • Search & Recovery Missions
  • Repairs and Cleaning on Hulls, Ships, Oil Rigs
  • Propeller Inspection / Repair - Easily see nets or damage from impact
  • Underwater Construction & Bridge Footing Inspection
  • Type II Bridge Footing Inspections
  • Underwater Inspections in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD)
  • Evidence Recovery - Easily find weapons & objects in zero visibility conditions
  • Salvage - Wreck Recovery / Archaeological Digs - Treasure Hunting
  • Underwater Welding - Darkwater Vision reduces the intensity of welding sparks
  • Remote Operating Vehicles (ROV) - We are developing systems for ROV applications
  • Treasure Hunting

Human Eye Versus Darkwater Vision Technology

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